Our Areas of Practise

  • Medical and dental negligence;
  • Professional negligence;
  • Professional misconduct and malpractice;
  • Healthcare ethics; and
  • Judicial review.

Medical malpractice occurs when medical practitioners, hospitals or other health care providers demonstrate inadequate professional medical standard of care to the patients and causing harms upon them. The standard usually referred to is the one falls below community standard. This gives rise to a right to sue for compensation on the ground of negligence by the patients of their families.

Besides commencing civil suit in court for damages, the victims may lodge complaints against the medical practitioners, hospitals or other health care providers with the relevant professional governing body. In Malaysia for example, the jurisdiction falls under the Malaysian Medical Council.

Low & Partners has vast experience in handling medical-related disputes. Our lawyers appear before the courts and the Medical Counsel Board representing clients on medical negligence and disciplinary matters and familiar with the offences, misconducts and the consequences of criminal convictions stipulated under the Malaysian Medical Council’s Code of Professional Conduct and Good Medical Practice Guidelines.

This area of law is complex. Being the injured victims, it will be burdensome to commence civil suit and disciplinary proceedings against the wrongdoer practitioners due to financial disadvantage.  We shall ensure the proceedings are conducted in a cost effective way to prevent unnecessary litigation fee.

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